Collection: Flexible Solar Panels

Unlike fixed solar panels that are thick and rigid, flexible solar panels can be bent and installed on uneven surfaces. Flexible solar panels are anything but traditional, and now with the latest advance Shingled PERC solar cell technology, flexible solar panels have just got a whole lot more efficient.

Shingled solar cells are solar cells that are cut into typically 5 or 6 strips. These strips can be overlaid, like Shingles on a roof, to form the electrical connections. The strips of solar cells are joined together using an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) that allows for conductivity and flexibility.

How do flexible solar panels work?

Flexible solar panels work in the same way that traditional solar panels do. They convert light from the sun to create the electricity that you need to power your gadgets and appliances while camping.

The main difference between fixed solar panels and flexible solar panels is that flexible solar panels are not housed in an aluminium frame, nor do they contain any glass. This makes them ideal for use on boats or a caravan. Although there is a slight reduction in their lifespan, the convenience far outweighs this issue.

You can find flexible solar panels that produce a range of wattage output, and this gives you more freedom to choose a set that will produce the right amount of electricity for your specific needs. If you have a need for solar energy but don't have a suitable place for rigid framed panels, then flexible panels could be the best solution. Solar panels are capable of powering many devices that can handle receiving direct current (DC). Devices capable of receiving direct charge include laptops, electric bikes and scooters, and other mobile devices. You can also use a flexible solar panel to charge a deep-cycle battery to store power for later use.

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