Collection: Fixed Solar Panels

Fixed monocrystalline solar panels are way more efficient than solar blankets or flexible solar panels. Providing up to 24% more efficiency, while also lasting up to double the lifespan. With their incredibly lightweight and compact design, mounting on any rooftop is simply a breeze.

12V solar panels are designed to transform sunlight into an electric current that can be used immediately to maintain the charge on your battery. However, you may need to use an inverter if you want to use them to charge your phone or power-sensitive devices such as laptops. Some of our portable camping solar panels come pre-configured with a USB mount, enabling you to connect your 5V gadgets directly to the panels.

Portable solar panels are the best if you want to make the most of the available sunlight during the day, but it needs time to set up. You may also need to move them around during the day so they are constantly in direct sunlight, so you can generate the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels. But most portable solar panels today are pretty easy to set up and use, unlike their original styles that were sold some 20 years ago.

As long as you buy them from a well-established supplier like StarPower Advance Solar Technology, solar panels today are high-quality, affordable and efficient.

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