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Fixed Solar Panels For 4WD's & Camping

Fixed monocrystalline solar panels are way more efficient than solar blankets or flexible solar panels. Providing up to 24% more efficiency, while also lasting up to double the lifespan. With their incredible lightweight and compact design, mounting on any rooftop is simply a breeze.

12V solar panels are designed to transform sunlight into an electric current that can be used immediately to maintain the charge on your battery. However, you may need to use an inverter if you want to use them to charge your phone or power sensitive devices such as laptops. Some of our portable camping solar panels come pre-configured with a USB mount, enabling you to connect your 5V gadgets directly to the panels.

Portable solar panels are the best if you want to make the most of the available sunlight during the day, but it needs time to set up. You may also need to move them around during the day so they are constantly in direct sunlight, so you can generate the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels. But most portable solar panels today are pretty easy to set up and use, unlike their original styles that were sold some 20 years ago.

As long as you buy them from a well established supplier like StarPower Advance Solar Technology, solar panels today are high-quality, affordable and efficient.

Shop our vast range of fixed solar panels for camping and 4WDs online at StarPower.
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Why Thousands Of Aussies Choose Our Solar Kits

Our solar panels are easy to use, and are a convenient solution to power your campsite. They are available in portable and rigid kits so you can take them camping, travelling and adventuring with you and set them up easily without a hassle. Built to handle Australia's harsh weather and climate conditions for up to 25 years. Our solar kits even include a sleek and silent design, making it easier to install, while also giving you that modern appearance and being completely silent while powering your necessary appliances. It's solar made easy! Order online now, and see why thousands of Aussies choose StarPower Advance Solar Technology.

Portable Solar Kits

Our vast range of portable solar kits are the perfect option for all solar camping setups, as they allow you to simply rock up anywhere and have access to much needed electricity. With recent advancements in solar technology, you can now add a lithium LiFePO4 battery to your solar kit to be able to to power bigger loads.

Whether you're out camping or just travelling across the country you will always need access to a reliable source of power. Our portable solar kits are designed to last the distance and become your best mate while out camping. Powering your adventure has neve been this easy, explore our range of portable solar kits today and start powering your campsite without the need of a generator.

Is It Worth Getting a Solar Bundle Or Portable Solar Kit?

The first question to ask yourself would be "Do I need a solar system with a battery?" Focusing on outdoor applications such as camping, a solar panel and battery bundle, or solar kit would be a great idea for RV owners and those who prefer off-grid camping. You're likely to find yourself in camping spots with no access to a mains power, so having an extra power source, especially a renewable one would be a wise idea.

When opting for power bundles, a lot of campers pick a 12V battery pack and pair them with 12V solar panels. This combo is sort of like a standard and is often enough for a weekend outdoors. If you already have an existing battery, you can also opt for 12V solar panel kits instead. They include a good set of panels plus some solar panel accessories so you get to save up too.

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Portable Solar Panels & Solar Kits

Portable solar panels allow you to take solar energy wherever you go for use with your appliances. With the added advantage of a deep cycle battery, you can store excess solar energy produced for later. Portable solar panels are easy to use, compact, lightweight, and perfect to use where traditional fuel generators won't cut it. With their premium monocrystalline cells, our 12v solar panels are designed for high efficiency and maximum power output. Their strong aluminium frame gives you peace of mind while out camping, knowing your setup is secure.

Portable camping solar panels are ideal and highly recommend for battery charging, and providing a reliable power source while out traveling. Portable solar panels are not only silent, but they are cost-effective. Portable solar panels and batteries can be stored inside a vehicle without releasing fumes or dangerous chemicals, unlike other portable power sources. Our new solar blanket range can even be folded and placed inside your vehicle, saving you money on the cost of a powered site. Using portable solar panels means you harness the sun's energy, and keep your deep cycle battery and 12V system charged. This means you can power your entire site all trip long.

Our friendly team has over 5 years of experience in the industry. And can help you pick out the perfect portable solar kit. With our extensive range, you can choose from portable solar panels, folding solar panels, fixed solar panels, or flexible type solar panels. We also have heaps of 12v and solar accessories, so be sure to explore our online store.

See our full range of portable solar panels or contact our team today. StarPower Advance Solar Technology is a leading Australian supplier of portable solar panels, solar charging systems, and camping setups. By providing high-quality portable solar and battery systems at affordable prices guarantee.

Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable solar panels, or aka folding solar panels are a more convenient way to have power while on the go. With its foldable legs, sturdy aluminium and A grade monocrystalline solar cell technology, It's a campers must have. Setting up a foldable solar panel is effortless, simply rock up to your desired spot, fold out your portable solar panels and plug into your battery box with your deep cycle battery inside to start powering your adventure.

Folding solar panels are absolutely straightforward and require zero maintenance when operating them, they are also much more portable then fixed solar panels and can simply be packed away in your vehicle for your next camping trip. Why not choose one of our foldable solar panels to take along with you on your next adventure?

What is the Best Portable Solar Panel?

What you would consider the "best foldable solar panel" will depend on what you need to use your solar power systems for. To find out where to start, make a list of the things that you intend to power with your foldable solar panel. These will include things like your cooking appliances inside a caravan, the devices that you intend to keep charged, your refrigerator, etc.

Your folding solar panel will act as your battery charger so it’s important to match the power of your panels to the size and power of your battery. In order to make sure that your foldable solar panel is as high efficiency as possible, match it with your intended battery.
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Deep Cycle Batteries

When you're going camping or travelling across Australia an AGM or lithium battery is the ideal choice and is capable of providing all of your energy needs without the need of a petrol generator. With its ability to be recharged with a simple solar panel set up, it can power all of your devices and other electrical equipment with ease. We commonly see the old style lead-acid 12v SLA battery installed in most solar camping set ups, mainly due to the fact they are more cost effective. However with new battery technology available on the market. You can now purchase a safer and better performing battery with a longer life span, for the same cost as a heavy, outdated lead-acid battery. Why not check out our exclusive range of deep cycle batteries below.
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Australia's vast outback is brimming with exciting locations to explore, and camping and travelling are favourite ways for many Aussies to experience the beauty of these places. However, a dependable power source is a must-have for any adventure, whether you need to keep the lights on, chill your drinks, or make your base-camp feel more homely. Look no further for your shopping needs! Our extensive selection of solar kits, batteries, and 12-volt accessories will make powering your adventure effortless.

Solar For Camping

When deciding on a solar setup for camping, it's important to go for a high-efficiency solar panel or kit and a good quality deep cycle battery that can be used in a battery box. This basic setup will ensure that you have quick access to electricity for all your needs, from powering your devices to making coffee. We suggest buying a solar panel with a higher wattage than you'll need, as this will ensure that your deep cycle battery stays fully charged throughout your camping trip.
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Camping Solar Panels & Solar Blankets

Camping solar panels are far more beneficial than camping with generators, using portable 12v solar panels and blankets allows you to camp in remote areas while still being able to bring along those necessities such as 12v fridges, LED camping lights, and phone tablets, mobile devices, chargers and much more.

Camping with 12v Solar Panels means you can get away without dragging along a heavy generator, not only that but you don’t have to buy petrol either!. This not only saves your back but saves your wallet and your space as well! Plus, they don’t make any noise so you can enjoy the peace and quiet the way the great outdoors is meant to be enjoyed.

As folding solar panels and solar blankets get lighter and more efficient, more and more people are camping with them instead of generators. It’s clean, quiet, cost-effective, and convenient. 12V Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity, which then gets stored into a 12v deep cycle battery, which then can be used to plug 12v accessories into such as 12v fridge freezers, camping lights, and much more. It can even be used to supply 240v power if you connect it to an inverter, this can then be used to power 240v appliances like laptops and fans.

Solar for camping setups are easy to install and maintain, choosing the right one takes a little more consideration. We highly recommend going with a wattage a little higher or double what you think you might need, so if you think you might need a 200w solar panel, go with a 300w solar panel or even a 400w solar panel, this way you won’t get caught out with a flat battery especially if you get a cloudy day or two on your camping trip.

Before being connected to a 12v deep cycle battery, the power output cables on your camping solar panels will need to be run through a solar regulator, also known as a solar charge controller. 12v Solar panels can produce between 12V and 21V, and this fluctuation in power could cause damage to the battery if left unregulated. A regulator controls the voltage that is put into the deep cycle battery and will switch to a float charge once the batteries are charged. All of our solar panel kits and portable solar panels come with regulators. Saving you the hassle of shopping around for the right one.

There's a difference between fixed solar panels and portable ones. And that depends on what type of camping you do. For example, travellers tend to use solar panels mounted/fixed to their camper trailer, caravan, boat, or 4WD roof. This is ideal if you want to save setting up. However, the disadvantage is when it comes to staying for extended periods. The vehicle's roof is the only point of sunlight, and they are not always pointing directly at the sun. Making your solar cells not perform at their peak. While with portable solar panels for camping and solar blankets. You easily position them to where the sun is shining the most, giving you maximum power output to keep your deep cycle batteries fully charged.

Solar blankets have become popular in recent years mainly because they are ‘soft’ meaning they don’t have rigid glass panels or aluminium frames that could potentially break or bend if you haven’t packed them securely over rough 4x4 tracks. Some people like to put them over their windscreen which makes them double as a sun shelter keeping the car cool while also charging the deep cycle batteries. Solar blankets also fold up a little smaller. Meaning once they are folded up they can pretty much be ‘thrown’ into the back of the car and away you go, whereas glass folding solar panels need to be handled with a lot of care.

Solar Blankets For Camping

As we all well know solar panels have been around for awhile now and what used to frustrate people was the fact that earlier designs weren’t very portable, however rather heavy and bulky. Now with newer designs and better cell technology we can provide a wide range of high quality more portable solar panel designs like a solar blanket, which can fit comfortably under the seat of your vehicle to use when needing to power your devices or charge your lithium battery.

Solar isn’t a new technology but in recent years we have seen it rapidly grow, with even better solar technology to come. Camping solar blankets are just a more convenient way for you to power your adventure just about anywhere, saving you the hassle of costy installation fees, and carrying around a bulking solar panel. As experts in the industry we are always looking for new ways to provide high quality products and the best technology available on the market at a fraction of the cost of their recommended retail price. Buy yourself a solar panel blanket online today.

Are Solar Blankets Any Good?
Traditional solar panels can be quite brittle and easily broken but solar blankets are made specifically to be more flexible and able to stand up to harder use. This makes them perfect for life on the road and for holidaying. You can afford to be a little less gentle with them and they are designed to be easily packed away and stored or carried. If you’re interested in entirely replacing your current solar setup, then you may want to consider exactly what you expect to power from your solar blanket. With wattage capacity available up to 250W, a solar blanket may make for a better supplement to a full solar power system rigged up to your 4WD, caravan, or motorhome rather than a full replacement.

Because they’re so portable and easy to set up, you can whip them out to increase your power capture for the day or take them on short trips away from your caravan. A solar blanket can be laid out on almost any surface and, depending on the type you purchase, it may even include fixed panels within the blanket which make it possible to stand up some of the panels and optimize how you capture your sunlight.

While there is some setup time required, it’s a lot less than you would expect. Our range of high-quality solar blankets is designed to be quickly installed and connected to your battery, ready to start charging immediately. Our range of solar blankets is also constructed using monocrystalline solar cells which work best when exposed to direct sunlight but can be used in low light and even rainy conditions. This type of solar cell is also perfect for capturing as much power as possible and is capable of charging any battery from lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, and lithium batteries.

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Which Power Range Of Solar Panels Is Best For What I Need?

12V rated solar panels are the most common, and best solar panel to use. They convert sunlight into electricity that can be immediately used and stored with deep cycle batteries, like our popular 12V 100Ah deep cycle battery. And with an inverter you can now power your sensitive and bigger electronics like laptops, mobile phones, lighting and fridges. Some of our portable solar panels even include a 5V USB port built into them, which you can use to charge your device directly from the panel itself.

These types of solar panels are known as fixed or portable solar panels. They can be mounted on the roof of your caravan, motorhome or 4WD directly. Providing you with an endless renewable power source. Saving you from the hassle of setting up on the arrival at your next destination. However they aren’t as portable due to their weight. That’s where you can use a solar mat as a back up. Especially if you’re parked in a shading spot during your stay.

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Maxeon solar panels deliver more energy for your money and greater certainty for you. SunPower panels are the most efficient solar panel on the market to date, with over 35 years of designing, testing and manufacturing SunPower has became a global leader in the innovation of solar technology. Selling their products in more than 100 countries, through a global network of more than 1,200 sales & installation partners right across the globe.
Sunpower solar panels produce 75% more power over the first 25 years than conventional solar panels. In fact, Sunpower holds the world record for producing the world’s most efficient silicon solar panel.

Their unique light trapping surface technology creates more power, while solid copper foundations ensure that Sunpower’s panels are some of the strongest solar panels in the world.

Pure silicon delivers the ultimate in power conversion, while a sleek, black, grid free design creates a streamlined look for your roof!

As the most efficient solar panel in the solar energy industry for more than 10 years, SunPower generates more power from the same panel, than conventional ones.

Invest with confidence, knowing that Sunpower Maxeon panels quality is proven. In actual field testing across 8 years and 800,000 panels at 264 sites, Maxeon solar panels demonstrated the lowest degradation rates in the industry, almost 4 x stronger reliability than conventional panels.
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What Is The Best Solar Panel & Battery for What I Need?

In recent years solar has become more and more affordable in price. With many homes signing up every day to make the switch to solar. It makes you wonder why you haven't done so yourself?.. Well, we are going to run you through everything you need to know to pick the best solar power system.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the generation of thermal energy or electricity from a solar panel or array. Photovoltaic cells generate electricity that can be stored in solar batteries and used, by adding a solar inverter to your system, this is typically seen in household system installations.

What Is The Best Solar Panel?

When investing in rooftop solar we always recommend getting the best system possible, especially if you want huge savings on your electricity bill, or to keep your system charged when living off-grid. We highly recommend SunPower or StarPower solar panels, as they have high-quality solar cells for maximum efficiency and a slim design to save you roof space. This means you can have fewer panels and less weight for the same output as traditional solar panels.

SunPower has also been awarded for its extensive research and development in advance solar cell technology, with its solar PV systems being installed on some of the world's largest projects. With SunPower being involved in some of the world's largest renewable energy projects, you can expect quality performance every time. SunPower solar panels are built to last 40+ Years, they even back this with a 25-year warranty.

So What Solar System Size Do I Need?

When it comes to the size of how big your system should be, it depends on how many watts you are going to be using. The best way to work this out is to add up the wattage of all of your appliances. Once you have the total amount of watts you will be using, when then recommend looking at purchasing a system a little higher or even double the total amount, as you wouldn't want to get stuck with no power.

So for example if your total amount is 2kw, you would want a 3kw or even a 4kw system, this will guarantee that even on cloudy days you will have adequate electricity available.

What's The Best Battery To Choose?

When deciding on a battery for your solar system, it's always best to shop around for the best battery with the most cycles, and the best battery technology for what you require. Some of the top leading batteries installed in Australia included Sonnen, Tesla Powerwall, and Vottery Powerwall. Their batteries are not only built to handle Australia's harsh climate but they are built using lithium iron phosphate technology, which gives them higher capacity by approx. 50% more than standard lead-acid batteries.

We call this new battery technology, a "lithium battery" and they are seen frequently in many household hybrids or off-grid solar installations.

When choosing the correct battery size we recommend getting a battery that is rated to the same power input specs as your solar systems output feed. This will assure that your panels can keep your battery fully charged. With the right system, electricity generation from home is cost-effective, and greener for the planet.

Flexible Solar Panels

Unlike fixed solar panels that are thick and rigid, flexible solar panels can be bent and installed on uneven surfaces. Flexible solar panels are anything but traditional, and now with the latest advance Shingled PERC solar cell technology, flexible solar panels have just got a whole lot more efficient.

Shingled solar cells are solar cells that are cut into typically 5 or 6 strips. These strips can be overlaid, like Shingles on a roof, to form the electrical connections. The strips of solar cells are joined together using an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) that allows for conductivity and flexibility.

How do flexible solar panels work?
Flexible solar panels work in the same way that traditional solar panels do. They convert light from the sun to create the electricity that you need to power your gadgets and appliances while camping.

The main difference between fixed solar panels and flexible solar panels is that flexible solar panels are not housed in an aluminium frame, nor do they contain any glass. This makes them ideal for use on boats or a caravan. Although there is a slight reduction in their lifespan, the convenience far outweighs this issue.

You can find flexible solar panels that produce a range of wattage output, and this gives you more freedom to choose a set that will produce the right amount of electricity for your specific needs. If you have a need for solar energy but don't have a suitable place for rigid framed panels, then flexible panels could be the best solution. Solar panels are capable of powering many devices that can handle receiving direct current (DC). Devices capable of receiving direct charge include laptops, electric bikes and scooters, and other mobile devices. You can also you use a flexible solar panel to charge a deep cycle battery to store power for later use.

Check out our range of Flexible Solar Panels online, or contact our team for more information.
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