Collection: Portable Hot Water Systems

Are you planning a road trip or a camping adventure and want to make sure you have access to warm showers? Look no further than the Devanti Gas Water Heater to meet your outdoor showering needs. It's easy to install and can heat up to 480L of water per hour at your preferred temperature, which is conveniently displayed on the LED screen. Safety is a top priority with this Water Heater, as it has a built-in processor that sets the maximum water temperature at 50°C to prevent accidental scalding. The variable flow shower head also has a range of safety features and can automatically ignite or turn off the burner with a simple on/off trigger.

Our Gas Heater is lightweight, portable, and comes with a handle and all the required mounting brackets, making it easy to set up. Enjoy the freedom of the open road and enjoy warm showers with the Devanti Gas Water Heater. Order yours today online or by calling (02) 5761 0297.