VoltX LiFePO4 Battery Buying Guide


Lithium batteries are the future of portable power mainly due to their benefits over AGM and lead-acid batteries in terms of performance, safety, and lifespan. However, these batteries can be way out of the price range of the regular user. As a retailer of VoltX LiFePO4 lithium batteries, we can provide long-lasting and light batteries strenuously tested to ensure quality. VoltX batteries retail for a competitive price as well for accessibility to all kinds of users and with a variety of types made available, you get more convenient solutions to your power needs.

Which Lithium Battery Is Best For Camping?

When deciding which lithium battery will best suit your needs it's best to take into consideration the total power consumption you will be consuming, along with how much solar it will require to top your battery back up. For example, when running a 1000W power inverter, you will need a battery with at least 100Ah capacity to be able to provide maximum power current for when the inverter is under heavy load, and depending on the size of the panel you have will depend on how quickly your battery will charge back up to 100% SOC. We highly recommend purchasing a panel with higher wattage output than what you will be consuming, this is to ensure you never run low on power while off-grid or camping.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Lithium Battery?

LiFePO4 batteries can be recharged within 1-4 hours depending on the model, which is half of an AGM battery's charging time.

Are Lithium Batteries Safe To Use?

Our lithium batteries are perfectly safe to use for a variety of applications as they use LiFePO4 technology, which is extremely safe compared to other lithium batteries on the market. They can be installed anywhere inside your caravan or home without posing any health issues or risk of starting a fire.


The VoltX 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery LiFEPO4 provides real capacity and unrivalled efficiency in a compact, lightweight form. Delivering top-notch performance that all VoltX batteries are known for, this lithium battery is great for both camping days and as backup power in case of power outages. 

VoltX lithium batteries are all supported by prismatic cells coupled with a built-in Battery Management System. Why is this important? Aside from maintenance-free usage, their thin profile allows for a battery that is significantly smaller than conventional power packs, which is advantageous in any outdoor or RV setting. 

Smaller doesn't mean weaker when it comes to VoltX, though. All of our batteries boast a long lifespan and impressive cycles. This particular 12V 100Ah lithium battery lasts for up to 7 years with 2,000 cycles. It's a practical choice for any outdoor lover, plus the array of advanced features including a new and improved design adds to its already excellent form.

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New design, same reliable quality. Our VoltX Basic 12V 120Ah Lithium Battery LiFePO4 just got more handsome with its 2022 design. Now, you get a battery that is as durable as it looks and at the same time portable enough to cart on your adventures.

Our VoltX lithium batteries are known for long-lasting, consistent quality. This model, for instance, has over 2,000 life cycles and a three-year Australian warranty. That's years and years of convenient camping! You get twice the usable power of a lead-acid battery without the added weight and bulk, perfect not just as a camping battery but also as an RV battery or backup battery. 

Just like all of our LiFePO4 batteries, this battery bank is fitted with an intelligent battery management system (BMS) for optimal cell performance and stable power with every use. You also get automatic protection against overcharging, undercharging, overheating, and short circuits to further extend your battery's service life. Charge it in 2-4 hours and you've got a fully topped off battery ready to power your outdoor trips.


Our ultra-portable LiFEPO4 just got even handier. Presenting, the VoltX 12V 200Ah Lithium Battery LiFEPO4 Slim. This is the space-savvy power solution you've been looking for to fit in your RV or campsite. 

This lithium battery might be narrower than what you're used to, but don't be deceived. It can hold up an impressive 200Ah capacity and supply you with smooth, uninterrupted power. Featuring an advanced internal battery management system (BMS) and prismatic cells, our VoltX slim battery is geared for unrivalled performance and user safety. 

Another perk of this is the fast-charging feature that makes it even more ideal for outdoor use. Built for 20 years of service, you're sure to get great value for your money. Our slim battery is designed to be eco-friendly too, so you can enjoy the outdoors while doing your part in caring for the environment.


Better camping days await you with the VoltX 12V 200Ah Lithium Battery LiFEPO4. This portable battery pack is all about convenience. The new heavy-duty yet lightweight design encases prismatic cells and an integrated battery management system (BMS). These two work together to deliver reliable power and a lasting quality that requires minimal maintenance.

What makes VoltX batteries special? Aside from a cycle life that is five times longer than conventional batteries, our LiFEPO4 packs have a 100% depth of discharge rate. You get to use every last bit of juice to power your camping essentials and make the most out of your battery pack. Now available in a 200Ah capacity, this is perfect for camp outs that last for a couple of days.

Aiming to make good even better, VoltX gives you the option to upgrade any camping battery. All of our batteries are crafted to withstand harsh weather conditions and ensure maximum user safety at the same time, without the added weight that takes up too much of your camping space as well.