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ATEM POWER 110W 12V Flexible Solar Panel Mono Shingled Battery Charging Caravan

ATEM POWER 110W 12V Flexible Solar Panel Mono Shingled Battery Charging Caravan

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Why limit yourself to a solar panel that just doesn't cut it? With ATEM POWER's shingled flexible solar panels, you don't have to compromise on flexibility, efficiency, or style. Our shingled cell technology is tailored to meet the needs of solar power users, delivering unbeatable performance and sleek aesthetics. With shingled cell technology, this 110W solar panel offers pure cell exposure to sunlight with no interruptions. By eliminating the need for ribbons, busbars, and soldering processes, the shingled flexible solar panel offers 15~20% more output than traditional panels, significantly reducing energy losses and hot spots. ATEM POWER also integrates ETFE tech into this panel for higher light penetration rates. The result? A solar panel that's not only powerful but also incredibly efficient. Its IP-68 rating and 2mm thin lamination allow it to endure tough conditions, while its lightweight and sleek design enables easy installation on curved surfaces for an aesthetic appeal.


Shingled Cell Tech: Get more energy from the sun with shingled cell tech that uses a string of strips instead of ribbons and busbars for maximum energy output.
Built to Last: Our shingled flexible solar panel offer improved reliability and durability, able to withstand external forces that cause failure in conventional panels.
Maximum Efficiency: Our shingled cells wired in parallel minimize energy losses and the hotspots caused by shade, ensuring optimal energy output.
Higher Output: Get 15-20% more output than traditional panels with our electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) technology that joins our panels together.
Subversive ETFE Tech: Our solar panel use ETFE technology, allowing for higher light penetration, excellent flexibility, and more heat resistance than PET films.
Thin is In: Our shingled solar panels are laid flat at just 2mm thick for a stealthy solar setup. Lightweight at only 1.6kg, transportation and installation is a breeze.
Weather Any Storm: Our shingled panels/shingled flexible solar panels have an IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring they can withstand any weather conditions.
Versatile Compatibility: Our flexible solar panel work seamlessly with a wide range of batteries and is perfect for 4WDs, utes, caravans, camper trailers, and boats.
Aesthetically Superior: Our 110W shingled flexible solar panel boasts a clean, simple, and sleek design that is as visually appealing as it is functional.
Easy to Secure: Our shingled flexible solar panel can be installed with adhesives or with the four reinforced metal mounting holes, ensuring a secure fit every time.


Material: Shingled Cells
Maximum Power: 110W
Open-Circuit Voltage (VOC): 22.36V
Short-Circuit Current (ISC): 6.25A
Maximum Power Voltage (VMP): 18.64V
Maximum Power Current (IMP): 5.9A
Maximum System Voltage: 100V
Temperature Range: -20°C~ 65°C
Power Tolerance: ± 3%
Product Size: 117x47x0.2cm
Product Weight: 1.6kg
Package Size: 120x50x4cm
Gross Weight: 3.7kg

Package Includes

1 x ATEM POWER 110W Shingle Flexible Solar Panel


3 Year Warranty

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