Collection: Camping Fridges

If you're looking to enhance your camping experience, consider adding a camping fridge or cooler to your gear. They offer excellent temperature control and cooling efficiency, without the need for ice, which maximizes the space in your fridge. This means you'll have enough food and drinks to keep you hydrated for your entire trip. These fridges are designed to be portable and can be powered by various options, including a 240 and 12v cable. Plus, you can purchase a solar panel and 12v deep cycle battery for an endless power supply.

StarPower Advance Solar Technology stocks a wide range of camping fridges and coolers from popular brands like Engel, Glacio, Dometic (Waeco), and XTM 4x4 Accessories. With different features and benefits, you're sure to find the perfect fridge for your cooling needs. We also offer fridge accessories like transit bags that are heavily insulated to keep the cool air in and protect your fridge from bumps and scratches. Adding a fridge slide will make accessing your fridge a breeze, especially when it's loaded in the back of your car. Whether you're taking a family trip or having an overnight camping/fishing holiday with friends, our selection of camping fridges and coolers will provide added performance and convenience for your next getaway.