GenTrax Generator Buying Guide


GenTrax inverter generators were voted the best in the market for the third-year running in 2020 via Product Review. Fuel-efficient, quiet, reliable, and affordable, your adventures can count on these generators. With their 100% Pure Sine Wave output, these inverter generators can power even your most sensitive equipment. Offering power and functionality in a high-quality unit, you know you’re in good hands with GenTrax because it has the biggest output for a generator of its size on the market.

How To Choose The Right Generator For You

When considering purchasing an inverter generator there are a few things you need to consider beforehand to assure you get the right one for you. Asides from fuel type, and the model you will require.

Depending on how many appliances you will be powering, will solely depend on the size of the inverter generator you will require. The best way to work out which size generator will best suit you is to add up the total wattage of each appliance you are going to run to find the total power consumption.

For example, if the total power consumption is 2000W, we would recommend going with a 2.5KW inverter generator. This will assure you have enough power output to handle running all of your appliances without running your generator too hard, guaranteeing a longer life span and better fuel efficiency.

Which Fuel Type Is Best For Inverter Generators?

To maximize the performance and run life of your inverter generator we recommend using 91 unleaded or 91 Ron. Not only is this fuel affordable to run on, but it is also guaranteed to give you the best performance out of your generator, along with maximizing the run life.


One of the certified top-sellers of GenTrax, it is the perfect companion to bring with you on a camping trip. Considering that it can generate a maximum AC output ofΒ 3.5KW, it is surprisingly compact and light with physical dimensions measuring 565 x 320 x 470. It weighs around 28kg. This generator can provide up to eight hours of run time.


If you are not afraid of roughing it up, but still require a generator to power the most basic of appliances, then you should consider purchasing this super light portable generator. Weighing only 18.5 kg, it still packs quite a punch with a maximum output of 2000 watts and a rated continuous operation of nine hours. This unit is also fuelled with regular automobile gasoline, which makes its source easy to find. Yet, the best feature of this product is probably its measured noise level which is surprisingly low at 58 decibels.


If you want an affordable model that could provide adequate power to basic appliances, then this product won’t disappoint. With a maximum output of 2.5kW, it can provide some valuable power without being bulky or bleeding your bank account. Its actual weight is also considerably lighter than other products and brands.

Aside from a slight decrease in output and cheaper price, this product is not much different from the best-sellingΒ GS-CEDD.


If you are the type of person who gets easily irritated with continuous machine sounds that are usually associated with generators, you should tryΒ GSI-XHAX. It is GenTrax’s lightest and quietest portable generator to date. Weighing less than 9kgs, it boasts of a noise level of only 57 decibels.Β That’s three decibels lower than normal human speech. This makes it the perfect generator to purchase, as all you want is to enjoy listening to the rustling of leaves and the twittering of birds on the campsite. Whilst it is compact in size, it is still able to provide around 0.8kW with a rated continuous operation of 6 hours.

If you need more information on these excellent products and how they can help power your RV, just visit the GenTrax website and get acquainted with these models and more. Just because you’re in the middle of the Outback does not mean you should suffer the inconveniences brought by the absence of electrical appliances (or the power to switch them on). Connecting any of the GenTrax products to your RV will guarantee that your camping trip will be fun and stress-free.