Collection: Inverter Generators

Our portable generators have been voted best in the market for the fourth year running, they have been known to be easy to use, reliable and quiet. We are experts in 4x4 and camping, and being adventure enthusiasts ourselves we know that our customers expect the same high-quality gear as us. So whether you're off-grid or camping outdoors, you know you can always rely on our portable generators to provide you with an endless pure sine wave power supply, all packed in a compact, lightweight unit.

If you’re looking for an inverter generator for sale but are unsure what will meet your power, efficiency, reliability and convenience demands, you can refer to our GenTrax generator buying guide, designed to help you determine your power needs and how to best meet them. This guide can also help you assess your wattage requirements with tips on maximising the available power output.

What is an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator uses a small petrol or diesel engine to deliver AC power as conventional generators do. Just that inverter generators convert high-frequency AC voltage to DC power and then invert it back into a stable AC current. Why is this important?
Because it offers uninterrupted power flow to your appliances, making them significantly safer and more efficient than conventional generators. Also, inverter generators are designed to be incredibly lightweight – they are easy to move and hence super portable.

Other advantages of an inverter generator include noise reduction and environmental impact. Because they are significantly more fuel-efficient, by using them instead of conventional generators, you are doing your bit for the planet and enjoying the significant noise reduction.