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SunPower Maxeon 3 Cells - highest efficiency cell (minimum 24.4% efficiency) on the global market. More power for the size compared to any other panel

Highest shade and temperature-tolerant cell on the market. Outperforms any other panel in overcast/partial shade or high-temperature conditions

Premium Japanese ETFE laminate - UV resistant for 25+ years and water/dirt/salt resistant

SunPower strain relief cell connectors - allows for panel expansion and contraction due to temperature changes

5 Year Warranty

SunPower Maxeon III cells - SunPower cells are the global leader in cell efficiency and are the most shade and heat-tolerant cells on the market, meaning a rogue leaf or branch across your panels or summertime temperatures won't lead to a dramatic loss of power.

Ultra Premium ETFE laminate - most flexible panels are produced using a cheap PET laminate, the same sort of plastic-type layer used to make water bottles, ever seen what happens to a water bottle left in the sun?? PET discolors and breaks down, reducing the ability of the sun to reach your cells. ETFE is designed to withstand the harsh UV rays ensuring your cells can perform at their peak for years to come - UV stable for 25 years

24.4% cell efficiency - the more efficient a cell works, the more power is produced per square meter of space. This means that for the physical size of the panel, you won't find a panel that produces more power than these. Seen a smaller panel claiming a higher wattage?? Check out our articles here and here to ensure you're really getting what you're paying for.

SunPower strain relief cell connectors - allows for panel expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, preventing premature failure of panels due to extremes of temperature (one of the major causes of solar panel failures).

2 bypass diodes - should your panel end up in heavy shade (maybe if you leave camp for the day), the dual bypass diodes will ensure the cells continue to work to their optimum levels, with each side of the panel working independently.

Solid copper backing and thick connectors - ensuring maximum power production as cells are not connected using thin, weak strips like most panels which can break or corrode, and the front face of the panel is not covered with wire lines (which reduces the surface area exposed to the sun).

Lightweight (1.78kg) - alternative to rigid, glass panels, and are perfect for use on the roof of caravans, campers, and rooftop tents where weight is always a concern for most vehicles.


Size: 1070x540x2mm

Net Weight: 1.8Kg 

Max. Power Voltage: 19.8V

Max. Power Current: 6.05A 

Open Circuit Volatage: 23.4V 

Short Circuit Current: 6.41A 


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