Buying Guides

Before you make a purchase it’s always best to make a quick list of the appliances you will need to run. Make a note of their wattage, and then add them all up to get a total. This will help you choose the right battery size in (amp-hour) for what you require and the correct solar panel. You must ensure you have the correct battery and solar panel to go with it.Β 

GenTrax generators have been voted the best in the market for the third-year running in 2020 via product review. Their fuel efficient, powerful and quiet design, they are the ideal choice for anyone off grid.

If you're going off the grid or preparing for an emergency, the BLUETTI portable power station provides enough power to keep your appliances or devices operating.

The lightest, smallest and most energy-efficient lithium batteries on the market. A lithium battery should be the key to any battery management system, especially if you are going for long periods without any electricity, but you need it for the recharging of electronic devices.

Portable solar panels allow you to take solar energy wherever you go for use with your appliances. With the added advantage of a deep cycle battery you can store excess solar energy produced for later. Portable solar panels are easy to use, compact, lightweight and perfect to use where traditional fuel generators won't cut it.