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X-CELL Deep Cycle Battery Box Marine Storage Case Boat 12v Camper Camping Power

X-CELL Deep Cycle Battery Box Marine Storage Case Boat 12v Camper Camping Power

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The X-Cell Performance Series Battery Box is designed to transform X-Cell and other deep cycle AGM, Lithium, GEL, or Lead-Acid batteries into a portable power hub— giving you convenient access to dependable power anytime, anywhere. It comes with a range of handy connections; a 12V cig socket for gear like your portable fridges and camping lights, 2 x USB ports ideal for charging tablets and mobile phones, and 2 x weather-proof quick-connect Anderson plugs.

The Anderson plugs are individually fused, so you have plenty of flexibility in terms of how you use your battery box. You can use both plugs for charging your deep cycle battery, via sources like your folding solar panels or your alternator. Or, you can power accessories like your fridge and lighting via both sockets. And finally, you can even charge the battery through one plug while powering an accessory with the other.

An adjustable internal divider ensures it can accommodate a wide range of battery sizes from 245-345mm in width. The LCD display allows you to keep tabs on the voltage with ease, and an isolator switch to separate your deep-cycle battery from the rest of your 12v system.

With its rugged construction, the X-Cell Battery Box offers the protection your battery deserves. It is acid-resistant, shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof, and fully pre-wired with the necessary fuses to protect your equipment. It is, without doubt, an ideal power source for your next camping or marine adventure!


Brand: X-Cell
Model: Performer Series XCL-358
Material: Polypropylene
Maximum Battery Size: 345x180x205mm (Min width 245mm)
Voltage: 12V
Circuit Breaker: 10A
Anderson Sockets: 30A

1 x X-Cell Battery box
User Manual is available online

Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 440 x 245 x 280mm
Product Weight: 1.6kg
Carton Dimensions (W x D x H): 450 x 255 x 290mm


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