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VoltX 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Charg Kit Rechargeable

VoltX 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Charg Kit Rechargeable

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Since its launch in 2018, VoltX batteries have consistently grown to now become Australia's favourite Lithium batteries. With over 20,000 happy customers and growing, we are already a market leader in the recreational battery space.

Efficient and Safe

The VoltX 12V 100Ah lithium battery is composed of brand-new A-grade prismatic cells, making them super reliable and energy-dense.

Its super-effective integrated battery management system (BMS) keeps the battery to safe operating limits – disconnecting it to prevent damage from temperatures/voltage changes, overload and short-circuits

The most suitable battery for camping

This best-selling LiFePO4 battery is compact and perfect for campsites and RVs. Designed to last for up to 2,000 cycles, this is every avid camper's dream power pack.

Reliable and Durable

Our LiFEPO4 portable batteries provide 100% capacity. And unlike regular lithium batteries, the user can use 100% of its capacity without degradation. The cells in the batteries are encased in an aluminium casing for durability and offer a solid working temperature range, making them a reliable source of power even in harsh outdoor conditions, rough terrains, and extreme weather.

Tested for performance and to meet the most stringent international standards, VoltX batteries are perfect for running gadgets, fridges, washers, and wireless tools smoothly.

Every solar power system needs an equally efficient regulator, like this 12V 30A SRNE DC-DC Solar Charge Controller With MPPT. Designed based on an advanced multi-phase synchronous rectifier technology and MPPT control algorithm, it delivers rapid response speed, high reliability, and high industrialised standard.

This solar charge controller stands out with an impressive conversion efficiency under any charging power and the ability to track the maximum power point of solar panels to obtain a sufficient amount of energy.

It's perfect for charging an auxiliary battery in a dual battery system with an improved overall charging efficiency and light energy utilisation plus, can also be used in DC-DC control circuits for voltage & current regulation.

100Ah Lithium Battery

Rated Voltage(V) 12.8V
Rated Capacity(Ah) 100Ah
Rated Energy(KWh) 1.28KWh
Maximum Charging Current(A) 100A
Maximum Discharging Current(A) 100A
Discharge 11.2V
Charging Voltage 13.6~13.8V
Life Cycle(@25℃, 0.5C/0.25C, 80% DOD) Approx.2800 Cycles
Total Weight(Kg) 10.4Kg
Internal Resistance Fully Charged@ 25℃ ≤10mΩ
Thermal Management Nature cooling
Operating Humidity 60±25%R.H.
Operating Temperature Charging 0~50℃/ Discharging -25℃~65℃

30A Controller

Maximum Generator Input Voltage
Model MD1230N05
Backup Battery System Voltage/td> 12V
Backup Battery Voltage Range 9~16V DC
Backup Battery Type Sealed Battery, Gel Battery, Vented Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, User-defined Battery
Rated Charging Current 30A
Maximum PV Input Voltage 55V DC
Max. power point voltage range 17~36V
Maximum PV Input Current 27A
Solar Panel Charging Mode Buck MPPT
MPPT Efficiency >99%
PV input power is recommended at 400W
Generator (Starter Battery) System Voltage 12/24V
Starter Battery Type Lead-acid Battery
32V DC
Maximum Generator Input Current 35A
Conventional Generator 13.2~16V/26.4~32V DC
Intelligent (Euro 6 Standard) Generator 12~16V/24~32V DC


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