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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

SunPower Residential MAXEON 3- SPR-MAX3-400-MC4 - (3.2KW)

SunPower Residential MAXEON 3- SPR-MAX3-400-MC4 - (3.2KW)

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SunPower 400W MAX3 Panels x 8

SunPower Maxeon panels combine the top efficiency, durability and warranty available in the market today, resulting in more long-term energy and savings. Maximum Power. Minimalist Design. Industry-leading efficiency means more power and savings per available space. With fewer panels required, less is truly more. Highest Lifetime Energy and Savings Designed to deliver 55% more energy in the same space over 25 years in real-world conditions like partial shade and high temperatures.

Better Reliability, Better Warranty With more than 25 million panels deployed around the world, SunPower technology is proven to last. That’s why we stand behind our panel with an exceptional 40-year Combined Power and Product Warranty, including the highest Power Warranty in solar.


Nominal Power (Pnom) 400 W
Power Tolerance +5/0%
Panel Efficiency 22.6%
Rated Voltage (Vmpp) 65.8 V
Rated Current (Impp) 6.08 A
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 75.6 V
Short-Circuit Current (Isc) 6.58 A
Max. System Voltage 1000 V
IEC Maximum Series Fuse 20 A
Power Temp Coef. −0.29% / oC
Voltage Temp Coef. −176.8 mV / oC
Current Temp Coef. 2.9 mA / oC
Product Warranty: 40 Years

Mechanical Data

Temperature −40°C to +85°C
Impact Resistance 25 mm diameter hail at 23 m/s
Solar Cells 104 Monocrystalline Maxeon Gen III
Tempered Glass High-transmission tempered- anti-reflective
Junction Box IP-68, Stäubli (MC4), 3 bypass diodes
Weight 19 kg
Max. Load Wind: 2400 Pa, 244 kg/m² front & back- Snow: 5400 Pa, 550 kg/m² front Frame Class 1 black anodised (highest AAMA rating)


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