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Smart Battery Charger 10A 6V/12V Automatic AGM Car Truck Boat Motorcycle GEL

Smart Battery Charger 10A 6V/12V Automatic AGM Car Truck Boat Motorcycle GEL

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Of all the things to worry about regarding your vehicles, the battery is one of the last things you want to have to go out. It is fairly inconvenient and expensive to replace them, which is why ATEM POWER has developed this smart battery charger to charge and maintain your batteries. Our intelligent 10-stage charging battery charger for cars and motorcycles aims for better battery performance and longer life expectancy. Operated with the microprocessor controller unit that monitors and controls the charging sequence to achieve full automation, ultra-precision, and constant optimization of battery power, it boasts high charging efficiency and multiple charging modes to convert AC power to DC without the need for heavy transformers, this compact and lightweight charger features a digital display, plug and play connection, extensive protection, heavy duty construction, which guarantees your safe and convenient use with reliable quality, universal compatibility and versatile functionality.

  • High Charging Efficiency: With AC 220-240V, 50/60 Hz input, and DC 14.7V/10A peak output, it boasts a faster charging rate for 3-200Ah batteries.
  • Automatic 10-Stage Program: Integrated desulfation, repair, analysis and maintenance stages for exceptional battery care and extended battery life.
  • Advanced Charging Tech: Intelligent MCU-controlled charging program allows for precision, safety and optimization of battery power.
  • Digital Display: Equipped with an LCD screen that displays charging status, voltage, battery type, and error information for real-time monitoring.
  • Multiple Protection: Short circuit, over temperature, overload, over charge/discharge, over current/voltage, reverse polarity protection.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Durable flame-retardant ABS housing with water and dustproof rated IP65, corrosion, rust and spark proof.
  • PLUG-N-PLAY Connection: Detachable SAE connectors, O-ring terminals and copper alligator clips for simple battery connection in seconds.
  • Universal Compatibility: This charger by ATEM POWER is applicable to 12V STD/AGM/Calcium/GEL and 6V STD.
  • Versatile Functionality: This smart battery charger features multiple charging modes as well as an additional function as a 12V power supply.

Charging type: Fully automatic charging cycle
Operating Voltage: 220 V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Max Input Power: 160 W
Max Output Voltage: 16V
Charge Cut-off Voltage: 7.2V or 14.4 V or 14.7 (+/- 0.3V)
Charging Current 12V STD/AGM/GEL: Max.10A
12V LFP Charging Program: 14.6 V DC / 2 A
6V STD Charging Program: 7.2 V DC / 2 A
Battery Charge Capacity: 3~200Ah
Protection class: IP65
Warranty: 1 Year
Working temperature: -30°C~40°C
Gross Weight: 1.0kg
Package Dimensions: 30cm x 16cm x 7.7cm

Package Includes

1x 10A Smart battery charger
1x Cable with alligator clip
1x Cable with O-ring terminal
1x User Manual


1 Year Warranty


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