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Pure Energy 120Ah Slim 12V AGM Deep Cycle

Pure Energy 120Ah Slim 12V AGM Deep Cycle

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The Pure Energy Slim Series offers all the power and performance of our Black Series AGM in a convenient slim profile. These batteries are perfect for those with non-standard battery spaces, often an issue in 4X4 vehicles. caravans, camper-vans and boats.


Fully Sealed and Maintenance Free
Using modern AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology, these batteries will not gass or leak. They are safe to be installed in habitable areas such as in the living quarters of caravans. The AGM design also helps prevent plate sulphation when being cycled, and enables the battery to accept a higher charge rate than regular lead-acid type batteries.

Deep Cycle
These batteries are designated as “deep cycle” batteries. This means that they are suitable for running appliances such as fridges, lights, laptops, usb chargers etc. They are suitable to be charged by either mains battery chargers, DC/DC dual battery vehicles chargers and solar panels.

Unique Dimensions for those difficult spaces!
The slim range of Pure Energy Black AGM batteries are thinner, taller and a little longer than a normal AGM battery of the same capacity. This makes it easier to fit them into cupboards, wardrobes and under beds, or equally take up less floorspace in the trays of utes, and behind seats in 4X4 vehicles.

Rugged Design and Vibration Dampening
Pure Energy AGM batteries are tough! Our AGM batteries have a fibreglass mat that sits between each plate. This mat absorbs the electroylte, helping prevent stratification and plate sulphation.
The fibreglass mat also acts to dampen vibration produced in vehicles. Reducing vibration helps protect the links inside the battery that connects the cells together – one of the most common causes of battery failure is the breakdown of these connections.

Mechanical Specifications

Terminal Type

Total Height








Case Type

ABS Plastic

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt

Capacity @ 20 hour rate


Charge Voltages







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