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MOBI 200W 12V Mono ETFE Shingled Folding Camping Solar Panel RV

MOBI 200W 12V Mono ETFE Shingled Folding Camping Solar Panel RV

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Are you tired of being limited by power shortages or batteries that run out during your outdoor adventures? Look no further than Mobi 200W shingled folding solar panels. These panels are your reliable source of power so you can stay connected longer and explore further. 
The shingled cell technology used in our 200W folding solar panel ensures pure cell exposure to sunlight, surpassing traditional panels. With no need for ribbons, busbars, or soldering, our shingled solar panel offers 15-20% more output than traditional panels, reducing energy losses and hotspots. 
Thanks to ETFE technology, light penetration is maximized, resulting in a solar panel that is astoundingly efficient. Our MPPT controller allows for a 20% energy surge compared to PWM controllers. 
Take our solar panel wherever you go with its foldable design and IP-65 rating. Enjoy energy independence and step into the future with Mobi's 200W folding solar panel.


Shingled Upgrade: Harness extra sunlight with our shingled cell technology that uses a series of strips instead of ribbons and busbars for maximum energy yield.
Greater Efficiency: Our shingled cells, wired in parallel, eliminate energy loss and shade-induced hotspots, ensuring optimal energy output with every ray of sunshine.

Higher Output: Get 15-20% more energy output compared to traditional panels, thanks to our electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) tech that joins our panels.
Built for Endurance: Our shingled solar panels redefine reliability and toughness, capable of withstanding external pressures that often cause conventional panels to fail.

Weatherproof & Resilient: Featuring an aluminium frame and IP-65 waterproof rating, our panels keep performing, no matter how harsh the weather conditions.
Highly Versatile: Our panel includes an MPPT controller that works with lead-acid, AGM, GEL, Flooded, and lithium-ion batteries, making it a versatile choice.
ETFE Innovation: Our panels use ETFE tech, enabling superior light penetration, exceptional flexibility, and enhanced heat resistance compared to standard PET films.

Universal Suitability: Our 200W shingled flexible solar panels are the ideal choice for 4WDs, utes, caravans, camper trailers, boats, etc.
Sleek Aesthetic: Our shingled solar panels blend performance and style with their clean, minimalist design, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.
Optimally Designed: Our kickstands optimize power collection, magnetic design simplifies unfolding and folding, and the included carry bag enhances portability


Cell Type: Shingled Module Grade A Monocrystalline Cell
Max. Power(PM): 200W
Open-Circuit Voltage(VOC): 22.32V
Short-Circuit Current(ISC): 11.78A
Max. Power Voltage(VMP): 18.0V
Max. Power Current(IMP): 11.1A
Max. System Voltage: 1000V
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 85°C
Waterproof Rating: IP-65
Certifications: CE, ROHS
Open Size: 1110x980x25 mm
Folded Size: 1110x490x50 mm
Package Size: 1125x75x545mm
Gross Weight: 8.35kg


5 Year Warranty

What's In Box

1 x Mobi 200W Shingled Folding Solar Panel
1 x 20A MPPT Controller
1 x Anderson Extension Cable with Alligator Clips
1 x Carry Bag
1 x User Manual


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