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KickAss 40A 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller

KickAss 40A 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller

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The KickAss 40A 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller features the most advanced dual-peak / multi-peak tracking technology available on the market.

Highly Efficient MPPT
With a high tracking efficiency rating of no less than 99.5% and a peak conversion efficiency rating of 98%, you can rest assured knowing you’ve got the best of the best charging your dual battery system.

The KickAss 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller range accurately recognizes and tracks multiple power points and features a built-in self-diagnostic technology that can help prevent damage caused by installation and system failures.

Battery Temperature Sensor
Including a Temperature Sensing Probe, when connected from the KickAss 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller to your battery, the MPPT unit will limit the amount of current output to your battery, to prevent overheating and over-charging in the event there is a fault with the connected battery

LCD Display
With an easy-to-read LCD display, the KickAss 40A 12/24V MPPT Solar Controller will dynamically display all of the most important charging information (Please Note the LCD is not backlit).

Pair with either:
KickAss Bluetooth LED Remote Control Display
KickAss Bluetooth MPPT Module
For ease of viewing when your controllers are in tight spots. Both of these devices can connect to the SRNE App on your smartphone, for even more convenience!

**Please Note: this unit is not a full battery management system, it is simply an MPPT with a load output**

Key Features:
99.5% Tracking Efficiency
98% Peak Conversion Efficiency
Built-in Self-Diagnostic Technology
LCD Easy Read Display
LED Indicators for Charging, Battery, Load and Faults
RJ12 Communication Interface
Temperature Sensing Probe
Lithium Compatible
Electronic Protections:
Input Power Limit Protection
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
Solar Input High Voltage Protection
Solar Input Short Circuit Protection
Solar Panel Reverse Polarity Protection
Load Overpower Protection
Load Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Charge Protection
Temperature Protection for internal heat protection of the MPPT unit
Over Temperature Protection for your battery (Temperature Sensing Probe must be attached)



System Voltage

12V / 24V Auto

No-load Loss

0.7W to 1.2W

Battery Voltage

9V to 35V

Max. Solar Input Voltage

100V (25℃) 90V (-25℃)

Mx. Power Point Voltage Range

Battery Voltage +2V to 75V

Rated Charging Current


Rated Load Current


Max. Capacitive load Capacity


Max. Photovoltaic System Input Power





Conversion Efficiency

≤ 98%

MPPT Tracking Efficiency


Temperature Compensation Factor

-3mv/℃/2V (default)

Operating Temperature

-35℃ to +45℃

Protection Degree



2 KG

Communication Method



≤ 3000m

Product Dimensions



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