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Atem Power 12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT Dual Battery System Kit Isolator

Atem Power 12V 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT Dual Battery System Kit Isolator

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Gear up for your adventures with the ultimate dual-battery solution: the ATEM POWER 20A DC to DC charger. With its advanced features and superior performance, this DC-DC charger is the perfect companion to keep your batteries fully charged and ready for action, ensuring you never run out of power when you need it most. The ATEM POWER DC to DC charger is an upgraded, automatic multi-stage charger that delivers up to 20A of power. It charges Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, calcium, and LiFePO4 batteries efficiently, eliminating compatibility concerns. Moreover, It seamlessly adapts to your vehicle's smart alternator and maximizes solar power through the integrated MPPT controller for optimal utilization. Safety is paramount with built-in protection against over-charge, short circuits, over-temperature, thermal load, solar input overload, and input/output reverse polarity. With this charger, power limitations won't hold you back. Conquer the outdoors and embrace adventure with confidence.

  • Battery Re-selection Made Easy: Switch batteries effortlessly! Our ATEM POWER DC to DC charger allows quick re-selection by long-pressing "POWER."
  • Is Smart Alternator Compatible: Worried about compatibility? Our charger works flawlessly with smart alternators in 4x4s, ensuring a seamless power connection.
  • Boost Efficiency with MPPT: This DC-to-DC charger includes an MPPT controller, increasing charging efficiency by up to 30% when connected to solar panels.
  • Dual Input Power: Our charger utilizes the DC source or solar power, ensuring a stable and consistent energy source for your auxiliary battery.
  • Advanced Charging Algorithm: Our smart multi-stage charging process optimally charges your batteries, delivering them to their peak levels for extended use.
  • Smart Protection: Safeguard your device against solar input overload, over-charge, short circuit, over-temperature, thermal load, and reverse polarity.
  • Wide Battery Compatibility: With our upgraded charging profile, this DC-to-DC charger is compatible with Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, calcium, LiFePO4 batteries.
  • Ultimate Versatility: This compact DC-to-DC charger is a must-have for 4WDs, caravans, RVs, trucks, campers, trailers, campervans, commercial vehicles, and boats.
  • Convenient and Intuitive: The LED indicator provides real-time charging stage updates, while the integrated memory function enhances charging convenience.


Type: Multi-Stage

DC Battery: 13.0~16.0Volts
Solar Input: 16.0-25.0 Volts
Output/Charging Voltage: 14.4~15.4 Volts(Stops charging when alternator output or vehicle battery below 12.5 volts)

Output Current:
DC Output: 20A
Solar Output: 20A

Minimum Start Voltage: 2.5 Volts-For battery being charged
Soft Start: Yes
Operational Temperature: -10℃~45℃
Soft Charge Current: DCDS20@20A
Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V(AGM/Gel)14.4V(Lead Acid)15.4V(Calcium)14.4V(LiFePO4)
Absorption: Constant voltage with automatic amperage control
Equalisation: Automatic
Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V(AGM/Gel)13.5V(Lead Acid)13.5V(Calcium)
Float Charge Current: 100mA
Battery Range: 60 to 600Ah
0-1 Metres: 12AWG
1-5 Metres: 8 AWG
5 Metres+: 6 AWG

Package Includes

1x ATEM POWER 20A DC-DC Charger
1x Manual

1 Year Warranty


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