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ATEM POWER 12V 130W Shingled Bifacial Solar Panel Kit + Solar Mounting Brackets

ATEM POWER 12V 130W Shingled Bifacial Solar Panel Kit + Solar Mounting Brackets

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If you want solar panels that deliver higher energy yields, look no further than our shingled bifacial solar panels! They capture sunlight from both sides, providing 15% more energy compared to monofacial panels. Shingle technology also elevates efficiency, generating more power even in low-light conditions. Thanks to its ability to capture sunlight from both sides and the incorporation of PERC and bypass diodes, this 130W bifacial solar panel maximizes energy output on cloudy days and performs exceptionally well on snowy days. The back side is always available, ensuring a continuous supply of solar power for your off-grid life. And that's not all – the shingled technology boosts output by 15~20% compared to traditional solar panels. Wired in parallel, these shingled solar panels significantly reduce losses and eliminate the hot spot effect caused by shade. On top of that, its IP-68 rating allows it to defy harsh conditions, while no visible circuitry gives it a sleek look.

  • Bifacial Evolution: With a 130W primary side, and a 72W back side for ambient light, you can catch up to 15% more energy than traditional monofacial solar panels.
  • More Energy Generation: Never miss out on energy with our PERC and bypass diodes. Our shingled bifacial solar panel excels in partial shade and snowy conditions.
  • Shingled Cell Tech: Shingled tech uses a string of strips and ECA that ensures 15~20% more output compared with traditional monoracial solar panels
  • Less Energy Loss: The shingled cells are wired in parallel which significantly reduces the losses and hotspot effect caused by shade compared with traditional panels.
  • Unbeatable Rigidity: Aluminum frame and tempered glass ensure this shingled solar panel withstands wind loads of up to 2,400Pa and snow loads of up to 5,400Pa.
  • All Weatherproof: Rain or shine, our shingled bifacial solar panel's IP68 waterproof rating keeps your electronics running, worry-free.
  • Diverse Application: The ATEM POWER 130W shingled solar panel is perfect for off-grid applications including RVs, rooftops, cabins, yachts, sunrooms and more!
  • More Aesthetic: Sleek and circuitry-free, our shingled bifacial solar panel adds a clean and stylish touch while delivering unmatched performance.


130W Solar Panel

Material: Shingled Cells
Front Glass: Tempered Glass
Frame: Aluminum
Colour: Black
Wire Size: 2.5mm2
Max Power at STC: 130W(Front)/72W(Rear)
Max. System Voltage: 500V
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC): 24.27V
Short Circuit Current (ISC): 6.37A(Front)/5.21A(Rear)
Max Power Voltage (VMP): 20.42V
Max Power Current (IMP): 6.37A
Power Tolerance: 0~3%
Output Tolerance: 0~3%
Module Efficiency: 22%
Bifaciality Coefficients: 55.3%
Operating Temperature: -40℃~80℃
Nominal Operating Cell temperature (NOCT): 25℃
IP Rating: IP-68
Wind Resistance: 2,400Pa
Snow Load: 5,400Pa
Certifications: CE/RoHS
Package Size: 118 x 5.80 x 56.30cm
Gross Weight: 8kg

Solar Panel Brackets

Material: ABS
Cable Entry Housing Waterproof Rating: IP65
Compatibility: 30W~200W Panels
Colour: Black
Package Size: 21x13.5x14cm
Package Weight: 1.28kg

Package Includes

1 x ATEM POWER 200W Shingled Bifacial Solar Panel
4 x Corner Brackets
2 x Side Brackets
1 x Cable Entry Housing
1 x User Manual For Solar Panel


2 Years Warranty For Mounting Brackets
5 years Warranty For Solar Panel


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