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ATEM POWER 100AH 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery + 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger

ATEM POWER 100AH 12V LiFePO4 Lithium Battery + 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger

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It's never too late to upgrade your lead-acid battery to our LiFePO4 battery, delivering peak performance for camping, RV, or backup power needs. With impressive 80~90% discharge capability, our lithium battery offers higher usable capacity, boasting twice the power of a comparable AGM battery at only 1/3 the weight. Crafted with A-grade cells, the ATEM POWER lithium LiFePO4 battery features bolted cell terminals for superior amperage delivery and conductivity. Our 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery is engineered to deliver 2,000 rounds of usage, significantly outlasting lead-acid counterparts. It guarantees that you can rely on our LiFePO4 battery for extended periods without frequent replacements. Our 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery provides a reliable energy source for camping fridges, 12V lights, and high-power appliances like electric ovens and space heaters thanks to its capability of max 200A (≤7S) / continuous 100A discharge current with built-in BMS protection.

  • A Grade Cell: Crafted with A-grade cells, our lithium LiFePO4 battery boasts bolted cell terminals for enhanced amperage delivery and superior current conductivity.
  • Extended Lifespan: With the ability to provide an impressive 2,000 rounds of usage, the ATEM POWER LiFePO4 battery outlasts its lead-acid counterparts by multiple folds.
  • Expanded Usable Capacity: Unlike AGM batteries that recommend 50% discharge, our lithium LiFePO4 battery allows 80~90% discharge, providing higher usable capacity.
  • Lightweight Design: Our 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery delivers twice the power of a comparable lead-acid battery at just one-third of the weight.
  • High Power Output: With a max 200A (≤7S) / continuous 100A discharge current, our LiFePO4 battery powers high-wattage appliances like microwaves or coffee machines.
  • Rapid Charging: Featuring reduced internal resistance, our lithium battery boasts swift charging capability for a quick recharge process and shorter downtime between uses.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Our 12V 100Ah lithium-ion battery is designed to power camping fridges, 12V lights and more for your camping, RV, or backup application.
  • Flexible Configurations: You can connect two 12V 100Ah lithium-ion batteries in series or parallel to achieve your desired voltage and amp-hour capacity.
  • High-Quality BMS: It offers protection against over or under temperature, high or low voltage, overload and short circuit, and smart cell balancing for enhanced reliability.
  • Safety Assured: Our lithium battery exhibits thermal stability, effectively eliminating explosion risks and maintaining optimal discharge performance from -20℃ to 70℃.


Lithium Battery

Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
Life Cycle: 2,000 Cycles
Charge Voltage: 10V-14.6V
Max. Continuous Charge Current(25°C): 50A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current(25°C): 100A
Max. Charge Current: 50A
Max. Discharge Current(≤7S): 200A
Internal Impedance: ≤10mΩ
Charge Temperature: 0°C~60°C
Discharge Temperature: -20~70°C
Standard Operation Temperature: -20~70°C
Self-discharge Rate(per month): 2%
Max. Modules in Series/Parallel: 2S/2P
Package Dimension: 41cm x 26.5cm x 30cm
Gross Weight: 13.65kg

40A DC-DC Charger

Max. Battery Input Voltage: 24V
Min. Solar Input Voltage: 13V
Max. Solar Input Current: 40A
Max. Solar Input Voltage: 26V
Max. Output Current: 40A
DC Input Voltage: 12V(ACC ON),11.3V (ACC OFF),MAX 24V
Rated Charging Current: 40A MAX (IN/OUT)
Charging Voltage Range: 7~15.4V
Operational Temperature (Ambient): -20℃~45℃
Humidity: 0%~90%
Soft Start: YES
Soft Charge Current: 4A
Bulk Charge Voltage: 12V
Package Size: 28.7x19.5x6.5cm
Gross Weight: 1.46kg

Package Includes

1 x ATEM POWER 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Set of Screws & Nuts
1 x User Manual For Lithium Battery
1x ATEM POWER 40A DC-DC Charger with Anderson Style Plugs
3 x Anderson Style Plugs For DC-DC Charger
1 x User Manual For DC-DC Charger


3 Years Warranty For Lithium Battery
1-Year Warranty For Battery Charger

Download The User Manual HERE


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