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  • SunPower Maxeon 3 Cells - (>24.6% efficiency) highest efficiency cells on the market
  • Choice of Low (23Voc) or High (36Voc) voltage blankets
  • Highest shade and temperature tolerance - outperforms any other panel
  • Premium Japanese ETFE Laminate - UV Resistant for 25+ years and water/dirt/salt resistant
  • Heavy gauge cable - 5m 10B&S cable ensures no voltage drop
  • Five-year warranty on Blanket
  • Optional - MPPT Solar Controller, Bluetooth dongle or MT50 remote screen
  • Free Choice of Battery connecting cables - with MPPT Purchase

The thin, lightweight and compact design makes for the perfect addition to any 12-volt set-up.

Integrated legs on each panel with eyelets: allow for the panel to be free-standing with eyelets enabling the use of tent pegs in high wind situations. All solar cells reduce efficiency (and therefore power output) with increased heat, therefore laying a blanket flat on the ground or over a bonnet/windscreen is not recommended as there is no airflow between the cells and the surface.

Eyelets on each panel: allow you to hang the blanket off the ground, from a roof rack, tree or the like, for the best angle in late afternoon/morning.

Premium ETFE Laminate: not cheap PET plastics. This ensures longevity of the blanket, it also means the blanket will not corrode, discolour or blister. ETFE is UV stable for 25 years!

The AllSpark 180W blanket is available in a choice of voltages:
Low Voltage (23 volts open circuit)
High voltage (36 volts open circuit) - must have MPPT solar controller with at least 36V open circuit to run

Some DCDC chargers on the market do not have the capability to handle the high-voltage model. It is essential that you check your DCDC chargers specifications before purchasing the HV model. All DCDC chargers will safely handle the LV model, but only the Enerdrive DCDC plus all Victron or EP Ever MPPT controllers will safely handle the HV model. If you are unsure that you will be able to pair this blanket with your DCDC charger or existing solar controller, please contact us for further advice.


Optional EP Ever (EP Solar) Tracer MPPT Solar controllers: suitable for all lead acid (AGM, Gel & Flooded) and even specific charging profiles for LiFePO4 batteries.

Features include:

MPPT for maximum efficiency; ensuring maximum power output from your solar, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98%
IP68 is water and dustproof; prevents moisture and dust from infiltrating and causing damage to the unit
Multiple protections including 1. Battery reverse polarity & over-discharge protection 2. Battery over-voltage and overheating protection 3. Load short circuit protection
LED operating lights


No. of Panels 4
Folded Size (mm HxWxD) 560x440x25
Open Size (mm HxWxD) 560x1975x5
Net Weight (kg) 6.4
Max. Power Voltage (V) 29.8
Max. Power Current (A) 6.05
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 35.7
Short Circuit Current (A) 6.41

Brand AllSpark
Warranty: 5 Years


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