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Adventure Kings AGM Deep Cycle Battery 115AH Portable SLA Camping Solar Marine

Adventure Kings AGM Deep Cycle Battery 115AH Portable SLA Camping Solar Marine

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115 Amp hours of deep-cycle 12v power– Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) design - 5x faster charging than standard crank batteries – Leak proof, non-gassing ABS shell, perfect second battery for all your 12v accessories!

Adventure Kings AGM deep cycle batteries are the ultimate battery for all your 4WDing, caravanning, camping and boating 12V accessories and gear. Featuring the leading-edge Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, Adventure King Batteries offer enhanced discharge/recharge efficiency, high resistance against vibrations and a spill proof / leak proof, non-gassing design.

Adventure Kings Batteries are fully sealed and maintenance-free (no need to top up or service) and are safe to use in your vehicle. The case is built with a tough ABS polymer case – a material known for its impact resistance and toughness as well as resistance to concentrated acids and oils. The tough case material and special internal cell design means they’ll stand up to the constant vibrations that come with corrugations and 4WDing. Not only that, the terminals use heavy duty internal connections and are epoxy sealed to ensure they’re capable of use in high power situations and ensure no seal degradation.

Finally, each battery uses 99.9999% pure lead as well as analytical grade electrolyte to minimise any impurities and offer reliable and consistent power delivery. Offering large storage capabilities and a long list of features – an Adventure Kings AGM Deep Cycle Battery is a great value way to ensure your 12V fridges, lighting and other camping accessories keep running well on every trip.


Battery Type: AGM Maintenance Free
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Nominal Capacity (C20): 115 Ah
Internal Resistance: 3.2 mΩ
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Terminals: M8 Case & Cover: ABS
Dimensions(mm): 329(L) x 173(W) x 209(H)
Weight(kg): 30kg
Brand: Adventure Kings
MPN: EB-AKEP_SC12-120-03
SKU: AKEP_SC12-120-03


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