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Adventure Kings 160W Solar Panel with MPPT Regulator

Adventure Kings 160W Solar Panel with MPPT Regulator

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FOLD OUT PANEL SETS UP IN SECONDS It's as easy as unlatching the two clips, folding out your panel and positioning it towards the sun thanks to the built-in legs. INCLUDED PREMIUM MPPT REGULATOR The back of the panel has a built in MPPT regulator allowing you to get the most out of your panel. It also features a 4 metre cable and comes with a quick-connect fitting and a set of alligator clips, so you can plug it directly into your battery box or clip it straight onto your battery terminals. It’s as easy as that! UP TO 12.8 AMPS OF CHARGE WITH MPPT The combination of a high efficiency MPPT regulator and the 160W Folding Solar Panel can output up to an excellent 12.8 amps of charge. MPPT regulators (compared to PWM) can get more power out of the same panel with much higher efficiency. That means you’ll be getting as much power as possible out of the Premium 160W Folding Solar Panel anytime you set it up. HIGH QUALITY LATCHES, HANDLE AND HINGES With high-quality latches, handles and hinges, it’s ready to be your new best friend whenever you’re camping. The Adventure Kings Premium 160W Folding Solar Panel with MPPT Regulator makes it easy to keep your battery charged at camp or at home! SPACE SAVING DESIGN FOLDS DOWN The 160W Premium Solar Panel with MPPT Regulator measures in at 1340m wide, by 670mm high. When you pack it away into the included heavy-duty transit bag, it measures 675mm wide by 675mm high. Specifications: Model: 160W Folding Solar Panel with MPPT Maximum Power Output (Pmax): 160 Watts Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 17.6 Volts Maximum Power Current (Imp) 9.1 Amps Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.96 Amps Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 21.0 Volts Construction: Monocrystalline Cable length: 4.4 Meters Connection: Anderson Style and Alligator Clips Dimensions (Open) 1340 x 670 x 30mm Dimensions (Closed) 675 x 675 x 65mm Operating Temperature: -35 to +55ºC (Regulator) Weight: 13.1 KG Warranty: 1 Year Regulator: MPPT Regulator Battery Type Lead Acid, AGM and Gel Specifications MPPT Regulator: Maximum Charging Current 20A Maximum Charging Voltage 14.7V Overcharge Recovery Voltage 13.8V Over Discharge Protection Voltage 10.8V Over Discharge Recovery Voltage 12V Maximum PV Voltage (Voc) 50V Maximum PV Voltage (Voc) 50V USB Output 5V 1A Dimensions 131mm (height) x 99.5mm (width) x 30mm (depth) Weight: 300gm Working Temperature Range: -35°C to +55°C MPN: AKSR-PN160W_04 SKU AKSR-PN160W_04


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