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60A (12V 24V 48V) MPPT Solar Charge Controller With Bluetooth

60A (12V 24V 48V) MPPT Solar Charge Controller With Bluetooth

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MPK series solar charge controller is a Multi-stage Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) photovoltaic battery charge controller with our own technology. Its main topology adopts in Buck conversion circuit and uses MCU to adjust the solar panels working point intelligently in order to make the solar panels' output is maximum power. When the circumstances change, the working point of solar panels deviates from the maximum power point, MCU will adjust the solar panels working point based on MPPT calculation to make the solar panels back to the maximum power point again. Compared with the PWM controllers, MPPT can increase the output power of solar panels by 5%-30%. The output power increasing proportion is affected by the factors such as solar panel property, humidity, and light intensity. The controller uses wall-mount installation. Terminals enlarge the wiring area and reduce line loss.


● High-efficiency MPPT charging
● MPPT efficiency >99%, peak conversion efficiency >97%
12V 24V 48V automatic identification, 36V can be set as fixed system voltage
● PV input:150V max
● Multi-stages charging
Mode(MPPT, Absorption, Float, Equalization)

Size: 268*220*95mm

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