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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

250W 12V Folding Solar Panel Blanket- Premium Shingled ETFE

250W 12V Folding Solar Panel Blanket- Premium Shingled ETFE

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if you're looking for a convenient and portable power solution, this 250W Shingled Folding Solar Mat is definitely an ideal choice. Reinforced with a strong ETFE surface coating and made from Grade A Monocrystalline solar cells, Our 250W 12V portable folding Solar Suitcase is an entire solar power system incorporated into one small package. The panels feature the ETFE films, which have a better light penetration percentage of 95%, minimizing the impact on solar output. Highly durable, High Efficiency, and Weatherproof with longer service life making them the most heavy-duty portable solar option on the market.



Maximum Power: 250W

Max Power Voltage: 18.70V

Max Power Current: 5.38A

Open-Circuit Voltage: 22.1V

Short-Circuit Current: 5.65A

Maximum System Voltage: 100V

Temperature Range: -20°C-65°C

Power Tolerance: 0-5%

Standard Test Conditions: E=1000W/m² AM=1.5, TC=25°C

Solar Cell: Monocrystalline Grade A

Net Weight: 3.7kg

IP Rating: IP65





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