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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

200 AMP Digital Volt Watt Meter Caravan Camping Solar 12V 4x4

200 AMP Digital Volt Watt Meter Caravan Camping Solar 12V 4x4

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Features: Ideal for the 4x4 and camping enthusiast Prevents peak currents damaging battery, ESC, motors, wiring and connectors Verifies sufficient operating voltage under load Individual cell balancing. Set cut-off voltages, check battery capacity health Confirms proper battery charger operation (connect between your battery and charger) Detect receivers and actual operating current so as to make sure whether an UBEC is needed Provides 8 Electrical Readings: Current (A), Voltage (V), Watts (W), Amp-hours (Ah), Watt-hours (Wh), Peak Amps (Ap), Minimum Volts (Vm), Peak Watts (Wp). Digital LCD Screen: Easy to read LCD screen provides clear number readings. And Real Time Reading: The Watt Meter will continuously provide real time readings of the amps, volts, and watts after connection. High Precision: Measures 0-200 Amps, Resolution 0.01 Amps. Measures 0-60 volts, Resolution 0.01 volts. 0 - 6554W, resolution 0.1W. 0 - 65Ah, resolution 0.001Ah. 0 - 6554Wh, resolution 0.1Wh Yellow backlit LCD display, 2x Anderson Plug included Specifications: Operates from 8V to 60V Can measure down to 0v with optional auxiliary (great for stress-testing batteries) Measures 0 to 200A with a resolution of 0.01A (50 Amp connectors for continuous - up to 200A for short peak bursts only) Measures 0 to 60V with a resolution of 0.01V Measures 0 to 6554W with a resolution of 0.1W Measures 0 to 65Ah with a resolution of 0.001Ah Measures 0 to 6554Wh with a resolution of 0.1Wh +/- 5% deficiency allowance Yellow back-lit LCD display UPC: 9356307000702 SKU: atem-200-amp-watt-meter


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