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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

135AH 12V AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

135AH 12V AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

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1. Maintenance Free

2. Non-Spillable and Leak Proof

3. Low self-discharge

4. Deep Cycle

5. Long Lasting and sufficient capacity

6. Very superior Shelf life

7. comes with carrying strap handle

8. Complete portable power

9. AGM technology

10. Fully Sealed

11. Extensive Life Cycle

12. Ultra High performance

13. Pure Lead grid

14. AGM separator

15. Vibrant-resistant


Size: 330 mm Length x 170 mm Width x 210 mm Height

135 Amp (100 hrs rate)

Weight: Around 26kg

Cycle Use: 14.6 - 15 V

Nominal Voltage: 12.8V

Operating temperature Range Charge: -10 degrees Centigrade to 40 degrees Centigrade

Discharge: -20 degrees Centigrade to 50 degrees Centigrade

Storage: -20 Centigrade to 40 degree Centigrade


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