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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

MOBI 12V 170AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

MOBI 12V 170AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery

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  • Please charge the battery on receiving it even if the battery will not be used in the near future.
  • Maintenance-free means the terminals need not be refilled. However, the battery must be recharged periodically after use.
  • It is advised to charge the battery every 2 months if not in use for long periods. This is to prevent over-discharging of the battery which will cause irreparable damage to it.
  • AGM deep cycle batteries have a much longer cycle life if they are exhausted to a small degree and then recharged, rather than draining all their power and recharging all the way.

  • **NOTE: The items you receive will vary slightly depending on the batch. But rest assured, this will not affect your use.


    • AGM Deep Cycle Battery
    • Rugged ABS casing to withstand vibrations
    • Low self-discharge rate
    • Fully Sealed, durable
    • Recharge after use, Avoid Short Circuit
    • The lead acid batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly
    • Non-spillable,non-gassing
    • Extensive Life Cycle
    • Long Lasting and sufficient capacity
    • Comes with a carrying strip handle
    • Complete portable power
    • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
    • Maintenance Free, the Latest non-spill technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance


Condition: Brand New
Battery Type: AGM Deep Cycle
Model: 12V/170AH
Nominal Voltage: 12V
Maximum Charge Current: 30A
Recommend Charge Current: Less than 20A
Product Dimension 330x170x215mm
G.W.: 30KG

1 Year Warranty

What's In Box
1x 170AH AGM Battery
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  • 30-Day Free Returns
  • Australian Warranty
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