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ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box For AGM GEL LifePO4 Adjustable Dual USB

ATEM POWER 12V Battery Box For AGM GEL LifePO4 Adjustable Dual USB

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Do not mistake this ATEM POWER battery box for a battery due to its sleek and compact construction. Made of sturdy ABS housing and ideal for 4x4s and small boats, this battery box, which is suitable for batteries with dimensions up to 39.3cm*18.3cm*21.5cm, is built to protect your battery from dust, shock, impact, corrosion, UV, and other chemical solvents. What makes this box stand out from the crowd is that it has 2 USB ports to charge any of your other gadgets, including phones, laptops, iPad, and other appliances when you are isolated from the grid or amid a lake happily fishing. And CIG socket is designed to power camp lights and fridges, and Anderson plugs can be used to charge your batteries. You will know exactly the status of voltage when you look it up in the voltage meter that comes built-in with the box. The circuit breaker ensures that your battery and all other accessories are well protected.


Superior Durability:
Sturdy ABS housing enables this box to withstand shock, impact, dust, corrosion, and UV.
Ultra Safety: Circuit breaker protects sensitive appliances and on/off switch to prevent battery power loss.
Multiple Outlets: Power is delivered through the 2x USB ports, 2x Anderson plugs, a 12V charging port, and a 12V CIG socket.
LCD Display: The LCD display provides you with the exact status of the voltage of your battery so that you can charge it timely.
Upgraded Compatibility: This box is compatible with most 4WD batteries with dimensions up to 39.3cm*18.3cm*21.5cm.
Super Convenience: The box comes pre-wired, so all you need to do is to connect to the battery terminals and it is good to go.
User-Friendly Design: Convenient handles offer excellent carrying experience and mounting bars, screws and a sturdy strap ensure secure mounting.
Quick Anderson Plugs: The box itself can be charged using solar panels or any power source with its Anderson plugs.
Versatile Functionality: This battery box is ideal for 4x4s, small boats, solar panels, electronic devices, and camp lights and fridges.


Input Voltage 12-24 V DC
Anderson Plugs: 50A
5V USB Ports: 1A/2.1A
CIG Socket: 12V
Circuit Breaker: 10A
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty

What's In Box
1 x Battery Box
1 x Fastening Strap
1 x Internal Bracket
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