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StarPower Advance Solar Technology

100AH 12V AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

100AH 12V AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

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Our MOBI 100AH 12V SLA Deep Cycle Battery is the perfect choice for all camping, boating, and off-grid applications. With upgraded fiberglass mats incorporated between the plates, this helps retain more electrolytes within the battery while also providing better and more stable performance. Our 12V Deep Cycle is made of 99.99% pure lead, which promises a monthly self-discharge of 3% and charges 2x faster than flooded ones.


AGM Deep Cycle Battery
Rugged ABS casing to withstand vibrations
Low self-discharge rate
Fully Sealed, durable Sealed
Lead acid batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly
Non-spillable, non-gassing
Extensive Life Cycle Long Lasting and sufficient capacity
Comfortable carry handle for easy portability
High-performance heavy-duty terminals
Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
Maintenance Free, the Latest non-spill technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance


Brand: MOBI
Battery Type: AGM Deep Cycle
Model: 12V/100AH
Standby Use: 13.5~13.8V
Cycle Use: 14.4~15.0V
Max Initial Current Less than 30A
Product Dimension 260x170x215mm
Weight 22kg
Warranty: 1 Year
SKU: 100ah-MOBI-12V
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