Collection: GenTrax

Electricity plays a crucial role in our lives, especially in emergencies. A traditional generator that runs on fuel is the first thing that comes to mind for producing electricity. However, inverter generators have become increasingly popular as a more portable solution to electricity needs.

Gentrax portable camping generators are versatile and can be useful in a variety of situations. They can serve as a backup power source for your home or business during extended power outages. At StarPower Advance Solar Technology, you can purchase one of these generators.

It's essential for every RV owner dreaming of boondocking in the great American outdoors and enjoying the comforts of steady electricity to have a reliable camping generator. Unfortunately, most conventional portable generators have several drawbacks. They tend to be noisy, bulky, and not suitable for charging portable electronics.

Fortunately, modern inverter generators don't have these limitations and offer better alternatives for most homeowners, RV, and camping enthusiasts.