Collection: Atem Power Solar Panels

Why settle for a subpar solar panel when you can have an ATEM POWER shingled flexible solar panel? Our top-of-the-line shingled cell technology offers maximum flexibility, efficiency, and style. With pure cell exposure to sunlight and no interruptions, our 200W solar panel provides unbeatable performance.

Our unique shingled cell technology eliminates the need for ribbons, busbars, and soldering processes, which means 15-20% more output than traditional panels and a significant reduction in energy losses and hot spots. Additionally, we integrate ETFE tech into our panels for higher light penetration rates. The result is a powerful and efficient solar panel that's built to last. With its IP-68 rating and 2mm thin lamination, it can withstand tough conditions, while its lightweight and sleek design makes it easy to install on curved surfaces for an aesthetic appeal. Don't settle for less - choose ATEM POWER for the best solar panel technology on the market.