Collection: 4WD Solar Panels

When it comes to choosing the right 4WD solar panel for your camping or travelling needs, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is your destination and the time of year you'll be travelling. In Australia, for instance, you can expect to get around seven hours of good sunlight per day which is suitable for charging solar panels. Most solar panels are rated by the number of watts they can produce in an hour. To determine the amount of power they can generate, simply multiply their rated wattage by the number of hours they'll spend in sunlight. Based on this, a portable 12v solar panel rated at 200W can produce up to 1400 watts of power on an average day.

How can 4WD solar panels be used in camping?

When you are camping, one of the things that people miss the most is having access to many of the creature comforts that we use every day. However, a 4WD solar panel can help you to charge lithium batteries which can supply you with power after the sun has gone down. These batteries can also be used to charge some products that can handle taking direct current. Your exact power needs will depend on what items you wish to power. For larger campsites, you may need several batteries supported by the appropriate 4WD solar panel.

If you need to charge up your phone or laptop, you may need to use a voltage converter between the solar panel and your equipment so that you don't overload them. But since the energy is free and available, it can be a good option when you're keeping off the grid. At StarPower Advance Solar Technology, we are happy to supply you with the right equipment so you can spend time being content and not worrying about small things, like how you're going to charge your phone!